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Useful Helplines

Ministry of Social and Family Development
6355 5000
SOS (Samaritans of Singapore)
Provides emotional support and befriending to those who are despairing, discouraged or destressed.
1800 221 4444
ComCare Hotline (24 hours)
  • Individual, Marital& Family casework counseling
  • Financial Aid Services for Children & Youth
  • Information& Referral
1800 222 0000
CDC (Community Development Council) National Helpline
Financial assistance & job placement
1800 344 1234
AMP Hotline
Malay/Muslim families in crisis or those who need help
6416 3960
Care Corner Hotline
Mandarin-speaking community with family, marital and personal problems
1800 353 5800
SINDA Family Service Centre
Provides social work and counselling services to individuals or families of Indian origin who are experiencing difficulties in Parenting issues, Marital issues, Financial issues, Family Violence, and/or Interpersonal issues.
1800 295 4554

Helplines For Youth

Website for young people looking for advice and information about youth-related issues.
Empowering youths between 12-19 years old, to be more effective in managing life issues.
1800 377 2252
Youth Lifeline
Youth-related issues.
6252 6300
Pregnancy crisis service and support for teenage girls who are pregnant.
8111 3535
1800 833 6666

Helplines For Cyberwellness Issues

National Addictions Management Service (NAMS)
Treatments for problem gambling and other behavioural addictions (internet, gaming), and substance addictions (alcohol, drugs).
6732 6837

Helplines For Mental Health Issues

CHAT (Community Health Assessment Team)
Free mental health assessment and treatment recommendations to young people aged 16 to 30, who may be experiencing mental health issues.
Address: *SCAPE 2 Orchard Link #05-05 Singapore 237978
6493 6500/01
Institute of Mental Health
IMH Emergency Helpline for those in urgent need of help, who may be experiencing mental health issues.
6389 2222
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