About eGen

eGen (www.egen.sg) is founded and operated by a team of staff from Project 180 (Youth Services), Fei Yue Community Services. It is the first and only blog site with an in-built professional online counselling facility dedicated to the youth and young adults of Singapore.

Blogging engines are no news to you. What's different about eGen isn't just the blogging, it's the people who blog here and share their thoughts together though they do not know each other. It's not about the engine, it's about the people here who form a community to support and encourage one another, and cheer one another on in this journey we call "life". So if you ask what's the thing about eGen, it's the people and community in eGen, whom we call eGeners.

We're proud to be the winner of the 2005 eSociety Excellence Award given by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore.

What can people do here?

eGeners can create blogs.

They can also read and post comments to people's blogs and entries and join groups. What's even coller is that eGeners can speak to professional counselors for free in our online counseling chatroom on www.eC2.sg!

Is it money-making?

Not at all! eGen is a not-for-profit service offered free of charge to users. We are funded by the National Council of Social Service. If you wish to donate, please contact us.

We'll be delighted too, if your organization or company would like to sponsor us or our programmes.