Dear eGeners,

Thank you for your years of support and experiences that you have shared with us. We thank you for the journey we've had.

Unfortunately, due the completion of funding, it is with great sadness that we announce that eGen and eC2 will cease services to the public from 1 April 2019. All existing eC2 clients would have already received an email from your counsellor.

We appreciate the time you have allowed us into your lives as part of this community.

We believe in the value of this work in breaking stigmas and building resiliency, and we will continue to look for alternative means to bring this service back to provide counselling for youth and young adults.

If you wish to lend a voice in convincing others how this service has helped you and why this service needs to rise again to help others, then we ask that you share your positive experiences with us at [email protected] No contribution is too small.

With regards to privacy matters, your privacy is important to us. As such, all posts on eGen will subsequently be deleted from 1 April so that no one will have access to your information.

Again, we thank you for the journey we have had.

Yours sincerely,
The eGen/eC2 Team